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Materials and Care

From jewellery to your touch, we’re making changes every step of the way.

Sterling Silver

Made with 92.5% pure silver, we guarantee you will fall in love with our fine silver jewelry made of sterling silver. It is hallmarked to make you feel proud of your purchase and know that all your precious metals are the best in the industry.

Sustainable Materials

We spearheaded this method in the sustainable materials world to make reasonable, excellent pieces that are also safe for the skin. We always make sure to use only the softest and the most hypoallergenic existing materials. Finally enjoy nasties free jewelry that will last a lifetime!


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Our Prices

Finest Jewelry, Fairest Prices. Fine jewelry usually comes with a hefty price tag, not because of the quality but the markup. We believe you deserve the best silver and sustainable jewels without the sticker shock. No import taxes, no unnecessary middlemen, no insane markups. And we produce many pieces on a made-to-order basis so that you don’t pay for extra inventory costs. Because we love silver & sustainability, but not price tags.

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Our newly handcrafted silver jewels is traceable to responsible sources that support communities dependent on the industry.

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We work with certified recycling partners to verify our material is made from post consumer waste.

Our Creative Process

Each piece of jewelry is designed with the intention of empowering you.

When our designers designs, everything is based on feeling and intuition. The material like pearls, wood, gemstones we work with carry special properties that can provide inner healing and happiness. And it’s so much more than meets the eye… Each piece is a talisman of energy to give women whatever they need – whether that’s calm and clarity, or love and confidence.

It’s our job to ensure we can trace every material we use and piece of jewelry we create back to its original source, which will then allow us to positively influence each step and properly balance impacts on people and planet.

We design based on what you want (so the more you share, the more we make).

Our artisans put their hearts and souls into each piece of jewelry they create.

Every model is sorely tested by our specialists (shower, sweat, work, play, you name it).

We make any necessary edits and then repeat it again.